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SwirlToken , “SWIRL” is a utility token created for the HubSwirl Platform – a powerful patent pending decentralized platform connecting People, Business, Brands, Influencers & Fans

The SwirlToken will enable the instantaneous creation and distribution of a wide range of utility form self enforcing and self executing Smart Contracts, Auto Holder DFI, VIP access Membership, Content Copyright, Royalty management and system Payment. SWIRL will be integrated into the HubSwirl ecosystem including the following platforms; HubSwirl.com, Shopolu.com , HubSpin.com & SwirlSwap.com. SWIRL is your key conduit between on-chain, off-chain and platform interaction.

SwirlToken is more than a utility token it’s an investment that provides huge holder returns. Built into SwirlToken Smart Contract is a rewards system that provides enables users to make money 24/7 just by holding SWIRL in their wallets. By simply holding SWIRL, the investor will automatically receive 10% USDT rewards. When someone buys, sells or transfers SWIRL from one wallet to another there is a system transaction fee charged and every SWIRL holder will benefit by earning a share of this transaction fee. The greatest thing about receiving USDT is that it’s a Stable coin based on the US Dollar and it will help hedge against any market volatility.

HubSwirl Inc.

HubSwirl is a real working platform with active members worldwide. HubSwirl Inc. is a Canadian registered corporation that has been in business for over 6 years. The company has two utility patents pending for our proprietary platform technology. HubSwirl has received a 3rd-party assessment and registration by Dun & Bradstreet for accreditation, financial stability and reliability