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HubSwirl Inc.

HubSwirl is a real working platform with active members worldwide. HubSwirl Inc. is a Canadian registered corporation that has been in business for over 6 years.

Disclaimer: Both Swirl and SwirlX are community driven, community promoted, community marketed and will have all management and ownership renounced. The tokens are independent from the company growth and direction and is not an investment with the company. SwirlToken’s intended sole purpose is to be used as a currency and utility for the Hubswirl platforms, we recommend our customers to wait until the platform development is ready before purchasing Swirl & SwirlX. The tokens listed on decentralized platform for sale is out of our control and management. Token prices can be very volatile and may result in extreme price drop or price rise. Check your local laws and regulations before purchasing Swirl & SwirlX

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The HubSwirl Platform

Our flagship platform interconnects with the four other platforms in our ecosystem. Content Creators, Businesses, Organizations, Brands & Influencers can create a HubSite in seconds. HubSites provide an All-in-One social media hub for content creators to connect with their customers, fans and subscribers. Page owners can manage all of their social media content posting from one location - through their HubSite page - Integrated with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, Telegram and Discord channels. Content creators will have different revenue streams - earn a share in advertising revenue, private page subscription for their VIP members, manage a merchandise shop and have the option to provide SWIRL as a loyalty for promotion or contests. The HubSwirl platform is also available on the Android and IOS mobile platform. This further enables business to connect and provide promotions or offers to consumers and fans in a local community. The app is configured to enable Bluetooth Radius Beacon Tag marketing for inside business retailers or event facilities.


HubSwirl Ecosystem


HubSwirl Ecosystem


HubSwirl Ecosystem


HubSwirl Ecosystem


Total Swirl & SwirlX Holders


Trillion Swirl Burned


Total USDT Paid

Audited Smart Contract for your piece of mind

All the information about our current and future endeavors and details of our platform can be found in our whitepaper

Below are Stats on Swirl Presale


45% Staking/Liquidity
10% Marketing
2% Team
10% Development
34% Public Sale

best in class

Swirl Reward System

Token Details

Official SwirlX (BSC) Contract Address:

Official SWIRL (BSC) Contract Address:

Token name: SwirlToken

Ticker: SwirlX
Token Network: BEP-20
Total Supply: 870,000,000

Ticker: SWIRL
Token Network: Bep-20
Total Supply: 870,000,000,000,000


SWIRL USDT Holder Rewards!

“SWIRL” Provides 1.50% USDT Holder Rewards with every Transaction

1.50% Marketing
0.25% Buy-Back -BURN
0% Liquidity

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Our Roadmap

*Roadmap is subject to change

Q1-Q4 2022

  • Launched SWIRL (BEP20) ✓
  • Pancake Swap Listing ✓
  • SWIRL CMC listing ✓
  • SWIRL CoinGecko Listing ✓
  • SwirlToken Whitepaper Release ✓
  • SwirtToken Website ✓
  • Marketing Plan (2022) Launch ✓
  • Cross-Chain Swap ✓
  • Beta Release HubSwirl Platform ✓
  • Beta Release Shopolu Platform ✓
  • Beta Release HubSpin Platform ✓
  • Beta Release HireTree Platform ✓
  • Beta Release HubSwirl iOS APP ✓
  • Beta Release HubSwirl Android APP ✓
  • Social Media Integration ✓
  • Cross Platform Advertising Module ✓
  • HubSite Sub-Group Pages Release ✓
  • Membership Module Release ✓
  • Shopolu Platform (Local Shop Pages) ✓
  • Franchise Module Release ✓
  • SWIRL Integration (Core- Wallet) ✓
  • SWIRL Integration (HubSwirl- Membership) ✓
  • SwirlSwap Website ✓
  • SwirlSwap Auction Platform ✓
  • SWIRL Integration on platform ✓
  • District Franchise Auction Platform ✓
  • SWIRL Rewards Dashboard ✓
  • HubSite Blog Module ✓
  • SWIRL Staking & Farming Platform ✓
  • 34 Trillion SWIRL Burned ✓
  • Whitepaper 2.0 Release ✓
Phase 1

Q1 2023

  • SwirlX Presale Launch ✓
  • SwirlX DEX Listing ✓
  • SwirlX CMC Listing ✓
  • SwirlX CoinGekco Listing ✓
  • Marketing Plan 2.0 ✓
  • SwirlX Integration (Core- Wallet) ✓
Phase 2

Q2 2023

  • SwirlX Integration (District Auction)
  • District City Franchise Auction
  • HireTree Platform Management Portal
  • Beta Release Shopolu Android APP
  • Beta Release Shopolu iOS APP
  • Shopolu Delivery Pilot
  • AI Integration HubSwirl - HubSite Page AI Chat Bot
Phase 2

Q3 2023

  • Radius location beacon Marketing
  • Shopolu App v2 Release iOS APP
  • Shopolu App v2 Release Android APP
  • Country District Hub Franchise Launch
  • AI Integration Shopolu - Delivery App Route Management
Phase 2

Q4 2023

  • Shopolu - Merchant inventory API
  • SwirlX NFT Integration (HubSpin)
  • HubSpin Social Media Integration
  • Payment Module
  • SwirlX NFT Minting & Marketplace
  • AI integration advertising module - Ad Targeting
  • HubSite Private label API
  • Press Release - Full Platform Public Launch
Phase 2

Q1 2024

  • HubSpin- Royalty Management Module
  • Beta Release HubSpin iOS APP
  • Beta Release HubSpin Android APP
  • IA Integration- HubSpin music GPT assistant
  • Decentralize platform -Blockchain Integration
  • Meteverse Partnership - Land Purchase
  • Meteverse Development Starts (Phase 1)
Phase 3

Our Long-term Development Partners

HubSwirl Development Team

Rifluxyss Software

Rifluxyss Software

Our Development Partners



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